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Spartan Ⅱ Basic

Spartan Ⅱ Deluxe

Spartan 3 PLC

Spartan 3 PLC with PAC

Spartan 3 PLC with PAC & RFID

Feature Entry Level Designed specifically for injection Designed for RTM lite Designed for automated RTM Lite Designed for automated RTM Lite with touch screen programmable Designed for high volume automated RTM Lite Designed to simplify high volume production when numerous mold sizes are utilized
Complete recirculation
Pneumatic trigger
Air/Solvent Flush
Low pressure injection
Spartan dispense head
Positive feed SSP catalyst slave pump
Stroke Counter  
Auto-Valve ready  
Low pressure injection with Accu-Pressure  
User Friendly Control panel    
Dispense timer    
Adjustable independent solvent flush    
Independent air flush toggle switch    
Adjustable Gel-Timer    
Touch Screen Programmable      
30 Programmable injection settings      
Programmble digital Gel-Timer      
Programmble digital aer / solvent flush      
Programmble Automatic Catalyst        
Programmble radio frequency identification tags          
Unlimited proframming          
Password Protected          
Exteded Hose Lengths Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Inline heater Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional
Cart, Mast and Boom mounted Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional Optional

GlasCraft® RTM Systems

A Full line of solutions for resin transfer molding

Resin transfer molding (RTM) is a closed mold manufacturing process. Finished parts are made by introducing polyester or vinyl ester resins into closed molds containing fiberglass, carbon or other reinforcements.

Whether your process is traditional RTM, Light RTM, Vacuum Infusion Process (VIP), Closed Carvity Bag Molding (CCBM), or other similar process, GlasCraft offers a complete line of RTM systems to fit your application.

GlasCraft RTM Systems procide control at low pressure - the key to successful Light RTM injection

Typical applications:

Advanced features for automated, high-volume TRM preduction

Advanced GlasCraft models are available with the following:

Touch screen PLC

Programmable logic controller allows you to program injection vollume and catalyst ratio settings. Reduces operator error. Results in less wasted material and improved productivity.

Programmable digital ari / solvent flush

Flushes out the stantic mixer with a pre-programmed amount of solvent. Can bi used in combination with the air purge function for extra cleaning power.

Programmable Automathic Catalyst (PAC)

ldeal for manufactures of larger parts. PAC allows you to program and adjust catalyst ratios for the injection cycle. By reducing the catalyst during the last part of the infusion sysle, the part cures at a more even rate.

Programmable Radio Frequency Identification tags (RFID)

Each mold your plant gets a unique RFID tag that you program with specific parameters such as amount of resin required and a catalyst infection profile. The operator simply sxans the tag and the machine automatically loads the pre-programmed settings. RFID tags eliminate operator error and programming errors, and save wasted material as well.

In addition, RFID tags provide your facility with unlimited programming potential. That's because the system only stores the current RFID tag's dispense parameters. Since all molding parameters are stored on each chip, you can have an unlimited number of RFID-tagged molds in your production facility.

Password Protected PLC

Spartan 3 PLC with PAC and RFID systems are designed with password protection so thea operators cannot change mold settings and parameters.

Advantages of RTM

A growing number of companies are moving to closed mold processes cecause it offers many significnant benefits: